Livin’ The University Dream : Dakota Fanning

Located on the East Coast, began his career in college, Dakota Fanning was all smiles while out of the house in Soho on Sunday (September 11).

The “Twilight”, the actress participated in a gal friend and the two ladies went to town with Miss Fanning said it started the fall semester at NYU.Academic efforts come immediately after the 17-year wrapped up filming a new movie called “The timing is good” in London, England.

Representative of the “little girl who is terminally ill that is a list of things you want to do before you die,” Miss Fanning co-star Olivia Williams recently spoke with the press about how the young actress got an English accent .

Olivia eat, “Dakota did very well, took a bus accent – there is a big deal of emphasis on training these days.”
She added: “(accents) are not only big deal is part of the work is unfortunate that people find so annoying ..”

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