Andy Whitfield, ‘Spartacus’ Star Dies

Andy Whitfield, star of Spartacus breathed her last at age 39. Andy Whitfield has died in Sydney yesterday in just 18 months after diagnosis of NHL. Died of cancer before the day before yesterday, Spartacus protagonist of the series: Blood and Sand. Andy Whitfield (39) once said to his colleagues in the series to the legal history of gladiatorial combat Hurricane Katrina continues, but he’s dead.

Andy Whitfield, ‘Spartacus’ Star Dies

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The role of law as Mira is in love with Spartacus, said in an interview with E Whitfield had resigned to fate, and asks the crew and the team to keep the film Spartacus was a successful series in American television. “It’s very difficult to continue the series without its existence (Andy Whitfield), but it makes it easier. Because he bless us to continue this story. He said, you can not stop living your event is not stopped,” said law section.

In fact, by law, Whitfield likely successor as Spartacus, actor Liam McIntyre Autralia found. Liam Whitfield same blessings to continue in his role. “Andy met Liam and gave thanks If you think this man (Liam) is a difficult task .. But he is one. Humble, open and willing to work, we can continue this story with gusto,” the law says.

According to the Associated Press (via Huffington Post), wife of ofAndy statement: “On a beautiful spring morning, sunny in Sydney, surrounded by his family, including the arms of his beloved wife, a young soldier ourbeautiful Andy Whitfield loses battle with cancer withlymphoma 18 months. ”

“He went peacefully, surrounded by love I thank all my fans who love and support to help at this time .. It will be like the people who inspired Father beremembered andhusband brave and good.”

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