Francis Bay dies

Francis Bay, laughing with fans of all ages have a role as an eccentric grandmother of Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore and the woman that Jerry stole the marble grain for Seinfeld, died on Thursday at a hospital in Tarzana, according to the Los Angeles Times. She was 92 and had suffered from various infections, according to a family member.

Canadian actress, born Francis Goffman, spent much of her life at home housewife, while his dream is realized in the spotlight in the mid-fifties.

Role of the bay, the first film was a small role in 1978 comedy Are jokes and foul Goldie Hawn Chevy Chase. One year earlier, she appeared as Mrs. Hamilton in the TV Christmas special, Christmas with Mr. Rogers. She moved in small roles in films like The Karate Kid, Big Top Pee-wee and the twins.

Her big break in television Happy Days, if Bay took the role of grandmother Fonz, but it marks a new generation of fans in 1996 when she, to pay taxes and hockey-loving son had forgotten too small to go play golf to save his homeland.

She recently appeared on several occasions that Aunt Ginny in the ABC sitcom.

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