Fights Ray J and Fabulous

Ray J

Ray J

A fight between Ray J and Fabolous at the weekend at the Palms, Las Vegas, apparently still not finished. In fact, Fabolous challenged by Ray j to duel again, completing the previous fights. Actually, what makes them fight?

Reportedly, because words Fabolous on twitter, have alluded to Ray J. So, fitting Ray j met with Fabolous at the Palms, Ray J is not throwing away the chance, to kick his ass. oops, sorry….

“When I saw him, I was with Floyd and 50 Cent. He said, ‘Do not touch me’, and I did it!”, said the man involved in the scandal with Kim Kardashian porn video this.

Because of this fight, Ray J was kicked out of the hotel and arrested by police. But Vegas police make sure that Ray J was arrested for acts of violence.

An eyewitness said that Fabolous is wins this fight. But Ray J denies and says, “Do not mess with me!, Want punches again, yes, stupid!” Not only that, Fabolous is also challenged by Ray j to come out of hiding and show his face in public. “He told me Ray J got beat?, Want punches again apparently. If you have a Fab (Fabolous) number, tell him to send photo his face right now,” challenged Ray.

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