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Jim Henson

Jim Henson was the figure of the creator of TV shows children, and the success of “The Muppet Show“. So, Google makes doodle of the Jim Henson creations animated character , to commemorate the birthday 75th of Jim Henson, who died in New York City on May 16 1990.

Men’s with full name “James Maury Jim Henson“, was born in Greenvile, Misisipi, United States (U.S.) on September 24 1936. Jim Henson is one who is obedient to his religion, and attitudes that have been acquired since childhood, and Jim’s religion is Christian. Apparently, not only loves his religion, he also liked the animated films with puppets.

1960, Jim Henson was asked to become puppeteers to entertain children and make the character “Sam and friends“, to be show on WRC TV. After the show finished the character “Sam and friends” became a pioneer and includes Henson’s most famous puppets.

There are so much types of doodles that exist in Google, allowing users to become puppeteers through the Google site. Seven other Doodles like a big bird, cookie monster, Bert and Ernie, Animal, Elmo and the Count was used to doodle. There are also dedicated to the stars doodle Sesame Street. Although not equipped with a voice that suggests a more interactive, but it was pretty good. Given pemberiaan the doodle doll muppet voice requires more creativity.

In addition Google has produced a video tribute to Jim Henson. This explains the existence of good relations between giant search engine with the creative team behind “The Muppet Show” with puppets using modern, and digital puppets.

So I would say, Happy Birthday Jim Henson . Tell me in facebook comments below.

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