Ashton Kutcher affair with Sara Leal


Ashton Kutcher and the Blode Girl | Sara Leal

From other news we get. Ashton Kutcher has been met with Sara Leal at a party in San Diego last weekend. According to some media, Ashton brings Seal and his girlfriend to his hotel room at the Hard Rock. And has circulated Ashton photos leaving the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles with a blonde girl, who allegedly was Sara Leal, as well as photo of the blonde girl with Ashton in the car.


“Do not make assumptions about things you do not know,” Ashton says.

Hearing the news of her husband has been affair, but Demi Moore still stand firm, she also wrote via Twitter about the problem.

“When we take offense to human error, try to introspect yourself and learn your own failure. Then forget about your anger,” wrote Demi Moore.

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