Giuliana Rancic suffering Breast Cancer


Giuliana Rancic

In her appearance on the Today show, has been reported that Giuliana Rancic suffered breast cancer. E! reality show “Giuliana & Bill” star, stated that her illness had caught when she visited her gynecologist, to in-viltro fertilization (IVF).

Giuliana Rancic also said, “There was a long period of time where I thought I was going to hide this from everyone, that I did not need to tell anyone. And then as time went by, I would see friends of mine That didn ‘t know, and I would think,’ God, I wish I Could let her know what I’m going through, ‘so That She goes and gets checked. ”

Giuliana doctor recommend to undergo a mammogram, because there is the possibility of pregnancy may accelerate cancer growth. Giuliana actually want to do a mammogram on 40 year-old, but he was glad to do it early. Giuliana Rancic has been scheduled to perform surgery at the end of this week, followed by radiation therapy for 6 weeks.

Giuliana also said that it is very admired her husband, Bill. “The greatest of the Bill is that he let me cry if I want to cry.”

Giuliana and Bill still will decide whether to continue the process of in vitro fertilization after breast cancer treatment process is completed. “I still want this baby,” she said, “Because this baby has saved me. When I got pregnant now, it could be kankerku increasingly widespread.” she explained.

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