Kate Bosworth is still hurt after breakup with Orlando Bloom


Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth

After some time together and love each other, and then have to split up becomes, then ill is going to happen. Kate Bosworth still felt the pain after breakup with her boyfriend who she loved so, Orlando Bloom. Kate also had told England’s Sunday Times Style “I definitely know the feeling of pain, that’s for sure.”

Kate also added “You know when you put all your chips into something, then it disappears? Sent me into Such pain, I think i had actual vertigo. I was like, Is this my new reality? Will anything be normal again?”

The star of “Straw Dogs” immediately look ahead and find the best, Kate find positive, then added “Then one day you wake up and you think, OK, I’ll never be the same, but I’ll survive and I’ll grow from it.”

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