Miranda Kerr show off a $2.5 million bra for Victoria’s Secret


Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr showed off a $2.5 million bra for Victoria’s Secret on October 19. She wore a long pink dress, with slits in the thighs. The supermodel, as well as Orlando Bloom‘s wife also explained the details of this luxury bra, the bra for $2.5 million has 142 carats of diamonds, and more than 3400 luxury jeweled.

Breakthrough is interesting, and some call it 2011 Fantasy Treasure Bra. Miranda also stopped at the Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning to show off the latest fashions a fancy bra.

In other gossip, Miranda Kerr has just returned from vacation with Orlando Bloom in New Zealand and also took DIY fashion photos for Rag & Bone.

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