“Dan Wheldon” died at Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Dan Wheldon

After the death of British rider Dan Wheldon, some drivers who are victims of accidents in the racing arena las vegas said that Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a source of disaster.

However, the Las Vegas Speedway Chairman Chris Powell said the circuit meets regulatory requirements and IndyCar Series race and had no complaints before Sheldon died.

Power is one of the drivers who were victims in the event of accidents in a race IndyCar Series Las Vegas 300, which resulted him injured in back and neck. Accidents streak makes fifteen cars collided with each other.

Power said, “We were all worried when doing exercises on the spot, because the track was very fast and too open,” dalam sebuah wawancara dengan Radio Tripel M Sydney. Power of the time, probably will pass Dario Franchitti, finally had to stop due to him should be involved in the accident that streak. And finally, Dario Franchitti, who won the race. He also said, “When you are driving at an average speed of 370 km per hour you’ll feel the distance the vehicle is only about an inch and in a state speeding situation causes the trajectory to be a source of disaster.”


Dan Wheldon Car Crash


Dan Wheldon Car Crash

“It could be one of the riders did a small mistake, the will befall for all of the other participants. The safty of all the hard and dangerous if about him.”


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