Demi Lovato Took Part at the World Series

Having previously Zooey Deschanel wich perform the opening at the game 4 of the World Series, now turn to Demi Lovato are taking part, to sing the national anthem at the World Series. She standing and ready to do her work, wearing a her jersey hometown team, Texas. And a black mini skirt, black coat, and to complement her appearance, she was also wearing black high heels.

When she was asked, to whom she cheering, “I do not have a favorite player. I support my home team,” explained Demi Lovato.

Some time ago, before singing the national anthem, Miss Lovato once said “I’m so excited. I just nearly died when I found out. I cannot wait,” In an interview with MTV News.

“My fans were actually the ones that sent a petition saying, like, ‘Can we get Demi to sing the national anthem?’ and sent it to the MLB and the Rangers’ Twitter, and they saw it and they called,” Lovato added. “So without my fans’ support, I wouldn’t be singing the national anthem.”

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