Jessica Simpson will not get married until the baby arrives


Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Not as planned earlier, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson reportedly did not doing marriages until their baby arrives. However, before the arrival of first baby, they had planned to put the wedding on the backburner. And change their plans will be slightly later than the previous plan for marriage.

But what they decided, would not change what they had planned earlier, because as already mentioned by the source told the people magazine, “They’re really excited,” a source told the publication. “It wasn’t something they planned per se, but it’s also not something they were trying to avoid.
“They’re both still really committed to getting married, and were both really into making decisions about what kind of wedding they wanted.
“It’s just going to be at a later date now because they really want to enjoy this time in their lives.”

About the rumors of Jessica and Eric did not know the sex of their baby, insiders also added “They’re both very family-oriented and having a baby is something they both wanted,” the source added. “It’s wonderful.”

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