Mariah Yeater claimed to have been knocked up by Bieber


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The case of Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber continues to heat up, in which a woman of 20 years from california, Mariah Yeater admitted that Justin Bieber is the biological father of her baby, and demanded that Justin immediately conduct a DNA test.

As quoted by Female First page, to prove his words that Bieber was the father of a baby named Anthony Tristyn Markhouse Yeater, Mariah Yeater had arrested two lawyers, Lance Rogers and Matthew Pare, where both are urged Bieber to follow the correct legal protocol. And Yeater who continue to hope that Justin is responsible for the babies born four months ago.


Mariah Yeater

Previously, the news about the pregnancy Yeater crowded discussed when the American Star magazine wrote Yeater statement that accused Bieber has sex with her without a condom on October 25, 2010. At that time, Bieber was doing a concert at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Yeater admitted, she and Bieber began kissing and then on the Bieber advice, they went to a “private place” where Bieber later said “He wants to make love with me and this will be the first time”. Yeater was openly said, had done a brief sex scene that only lasts 30 seconds.


Mariah Yeater

There is strong evidence that the father of her baby is Justin Bieber. Evidence will be revealed in court. He did not seek exorbitant compensation. He just wants Justin Bieber gave a DNA sample to ensure that he is the father of baby Mariah Yeater, and if proven, Yeater want Bieber helps provide support for child as required by California law.


Mariah Yeater

The Selena Gomez boyfriend feels this allegation is not true, he also has released a statement through his spokesman. “It’s sad, someone had concocted the story dangerous, defamatory and proven false,” said the Bieber’s jury spoke.

In his complaint, Yeater not to be outdone, she claimed was approached by one of Bieber’s security guards at the concert, and asked if he wanted to meet the singer, and then took her to the back of the stage.

A court hearing on the claim Yeater had been scheduled to take place on December 15.

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