Police will investigate the Yeater case


Mariah Yeater

Cases where “Yeater” claims to have got pregnant by Justin Bieber related cases could be investigated police rape. That’s because, when the incident took place, Bieber is considered underage in the states of California, where the incident took place. Where Yeater admit had doing sex with Bieber during a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in 2010. This means that at that Bieber 16 year-old, while Mariah Yeater 19.

As quoted by news.com.au, “If indeed such a case, of course we will investigate,” said Andrew Smith, the California Police Commander.

Of course, many do not believe what is said Mariah. However, to prove it, Yeater willing to do a DNA test the baby, who is currently four months old.

In a statement sent to the California court, vowing Yeater had sex with Bieber on 25 October last year. She also has sued Bieber in court on October 31, 2011.

Responding to this, Bieber spokesman has denied the allegations Yeater. They even plan to file a lawsuit back to the Yeater for spreading allegations wich there was no proof.

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