Mario Balotelli To F**k Holly Henderson


Holly Henderson - Mario Balotelli - Raffaella Fico

Professional football players in the Premier League, playing for Manchester City, Mario Balotelli reported by The Sun, has been dating a porn star, Holly Henderson when his girlfriend, Raffaela Fico has going to Italy to do her job as a model.

Previously, rumors emerged that the virginity of Raffaela Fico has been taken by a Real Madrid player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Hearing the news, then Balotelli’s wrath, not to CR7 but on Raffaela Fico, until finally Balotelli took the initiative to have sex with a porn star. Maybe they were bored with pass the ball, so then replace the ball with pass the sexy woman.

Reportedly, Super Mario visited Holly when the porn star doing nude photo shoot session with former Hollyoaks star, Paul Dannan located in a hotel in Manchester. And both then caught kissing in the hotel parking lot before boarding the car.

Another rumor, Balotelli aroused when looking at the pictures Holly Henderson, who was in soft porn magazine, when she was caught shopping together the day before Raffaela Fico. Balotelli who have been aroused by Holly Henderson because of breast size 32 FF, including jumbo size for a British model with blond hair.

“He was enjoying periods of solitude at this time,”
said one source close to Blotelli who declined to be named.

“He first met Holly at a club and since then Balotelli become very crazy about Holly,” he added.

The source also said, “Balotelli has done a variety of ways to approach it, but she did not want to just be friends slept the footballer.”

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