“Snow White and the Huntsman” Debuts New Banner

Snow White and The Huntsman

Snow White and The Huntsman

The film is lifted from a fairytale epic and will be aired on June 1, 2012, but currently the “Snow White and the Huntsman” has got a lot of Buzz. And people over the Universal Pictures has released a new banner for “Snow White and the Huntsman”, featuring Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, and Chris Hemsworth.

Kristen Stewart is the lead in the film, recently expressed her delight over the film.
“Oh man, to be totally candid and honest with you, when I first signed on to this thing, the idea of doing another franchise was like, ‘Wow, [we’ll] cross that bridge when it comes.’ It was something so far outside my realm of thinking.”

“I was so focused on the first one, and I thought, ‘Maybe, maybe,’ but I’ve got stars in my eyes. I’m literally over the moon about what I’m doing right now. Yes, I would love to [do more ‘Snow White’ films].”

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