Ashton Twitter Got a New Problem

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

The husband of Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher recently attacked by the media about the problems of the household, for the case of his adultery with Sara Leal. And now , Ashton Kutcher has got a new problem. Ashton Kutcher reported to have insulted people through his twitter account and get a blasphemy from many peoples for its actions.

Ashton Kutcher admitted being in the wrong position, after commenting about the sacking of the head coach of the football team Pennsylvania State University, Joe Paterno. Ashton Kutcher actually did not know that Joe Paterno was fired for Sex Abuse, but he instead made comments to defend the Joe Paterno. That’s why he’s in the rained by comments from many peoples, yes because he’s in the wrong side.

“How u play, Jo Pa? Stupid. Not classy. Appetite low,” commented Ashton shortly after the dismissal of Paterno.

By his actions, the public is reading the comments thinks the 33-years-old supports the immoral acts committed by the head coach. Ashton admitted his guilt because he thought Paterno was fired because of a bad way to train.

Bombarded by public anger, the husband of Demi Moore decided to close his Twitter account and replace with new ones. Ashton Kutcher post a official confession, on his blogs on thursday November 10 yesterday. He expressed his apology officially linked it.

To support his apology, Kutcher also posted an image that contains itself and an text ‘I am with stupid’. Below the text there are arrows that point to him. In other words, he admitted his stupidity and do not want that to happen any more.

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