Mariah Yeater pull back the charges against Bieber

Mariah Yeater

Mariah Yeater

Whether because of fear, or indeed lie, Mariah Yeater woman of 20 years-old who have accused Justin Bieber as the father of the baby that she was born a few months ago, has withdrawn.

The reason the demand was pulled back when Justin agreed to take a DNA test such as to what she wanted. Few days ago, Yeater who forced Bieber to take a test that, but why when Bieber agreed Yeater have gone back by pulling back the allegations.

And not only the woman, even the both of Yeater’s lawyers had also dismissed themselves as legal representation and no longer part of the case. Maybe they’re afraid of the charges back by Justin’s side , because Bieber’s side has said it will charges back if Justin Bieber was not evident as father of the baby’s father. Justin’s party will demand that it is slander and unproven.

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