Rihanna dinner in dublin for the Thannksgiving day



Participate celebrate Thanksgiving, Rihanna took time to get out away from home, a special dinner in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday evening November 24. Miss Rihanna also had time to write on her twitter for thanksgiving day, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING! #imthankfulfor the blessing of life, it means u have a 2nd chance! And all the people n my life, Friends Fam Fans Foes”

Meanwhile a few days before the outing, Rihanna has written a new album, “Talk That Talk,” which had received much praise from various publications, and it’s the highest record. And like has been written by Rolling stone’s reviewer, “Rihanna’s sixth album is her tightest, most assured yet — a relentlessly catchy and danceable pop album, with first-rate contributions from top songwriter-producers.”

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Meanwhile, a staff member from The Times opined, “The best songs on this lively and often great album sound synth-perfect for that time [the early 1990s]. ‘We Found Love’ almost criminally recalls the swinging Crystal Waters singles, with triumphant percussion somewhere between church and seventh-inning stretch. ‘Where Have You Been’ is even better, with hard, chilly synths, snares from the poppier side of house music, and Rihanna moving in and out of a curled Siouxsie Sioux tone.”

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