Bradley Cooper doesn’t care about him say sexy

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper feel different, when he should be considered sexy, so when he was crowned the Sexiest Man has really made him feel bad. Unlike the case with another man, who was pleased to be earning the title of which centered on their handsome factor.

“It’s the worst. Oh, it’s just so awful. I’m finally at an age — I’m 36 years old — where I really don’t care about anything like that anymore, which is wonderful thing, and then it happened. And then I started to realize just how not sexy I am,” the “Hangover” hunk told press

“I have a lot of moments where I’m walking out and I’ll open up the door and think to myself, ‘I could do that a lot sexier’,” Bradley joked.

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Bradley Cooper also talked about Ryan Gosling, “He literally looks like he’s in a photo shoot, like he just CAME off the runway. I literally look like the neighbor WHO never really comes out of his house.”

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