Nicola Roberts Covers InStyle UK February 2012

Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts

Nicola Robert has become the latest cover of InStyle UK magazine February 2012 issue, and she has managed to take over the task and became famous thanks to work with Girls Aloud.

Nicola Roberts looks amazing while posing for the front page when wearing a colorful dress, with white. Nicola Roberts has also conducted an interview with the magazine recently about the “life stories” along with his former bandmates Cheryl Cole and Kimberly Wyatt.

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Here is the result of the interview between Miss Nicola and the British magazine, for more details please visit InStyle!

[do action=”toggle” toggletitle=”On her life summed up:” togglecontent=”It’s like a cross between reality and fairy tale. My life’s a fairy tale, but my head is very firmly in reality.”/]

[do action=”toggle” toggletitle=”On reading psychology books and learning coping mechanisms:” togglecontent=”I think it’s important, especially today, when judgment seems to be spiraling out of control.”/]

[do action=”toggle” toggletitle=”On how her bandmate Kimberly Walsh is doing since leaving rehab:” togglecontent=”It’s not my place to say. I’d hate to be that person who says something to feed someone else’s entertainment value.”/]

[do action=”toggle” toggletitle=”On Cheryl Cole:” togglecontent=”Out of all the girl, Cheryl and I have the same mentalities. We’re just very similar people, who had similar upbringings, so we could – and still can – relate to each other. Put it this way, she didn’t know what a sat nav was back in the day, either.”/]

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