Kendra Wilkinson shared the most important things as a couple

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson has shared advice about the most important as a couple. She expressed because in recent years, many couple have split up due to a mismatch between one another. Mismatch that can occur due to a lack of communication or a problem with sex. Like what was said by Kendra Wilkinson about the most important things as a couple, including that on communication and sex.

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The former “Girls Next Door” star tells, “Sex is very important but I definitely would not say that sex is the most important thing. I think communication as a couple is.”

She proceeded to dish, “As a couple, as two people, you have to change and you both have to change. One person can’t change and then the other stays the same you have to develop with the person you love and if you don’t change with the other individual you could get lost.”

“People go through a lifetime of changes and you go through stages, you go through hard times, bad times, good times but you have to do it together,” the Wilkinson finished.

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