Adele’s First Performance


Adele's First Performance

Adele's First Performance

Adele is one of my favorite artists because she has a beautiful strong voice and her music is quite original. Back in November Adele was performing one of her fantastic songs on a French radio channel when she felt a pop in her throat. She later said it felt like curtain and been drawn across her throat and she could feel it.

The doctors soon found out that she had a polyp burst on her vocal chords and the polyp was bleeding profusely. Soon after realizing what happened Adele had laser surgery to correct the problem. The doctors had to put laser down her throat in order to remove the polyp and then fuse the hemorrhage back together using the lasers. She was then advised by her doctors not to speak or to say as little as possible for the next two months. Adele did just exactly as advised and she spent the next two months writing on a notepad and using various apps in order to be able to speak with people.

While going through this whole ordeal her album “21” remained in the top charts. Some people have been concerned that she will no longer be able to sing but this was put to rest when we learned that she is scheduled to perform at the Grammys Awards Ceremony on February 12 of this year. This is a very exciting time for Adele and her fans because it will be her second performance in two months.

That is correct it will be her second performance in two months not her first. 60 minutes is going to air an exclusive interview with Adele an hour before the Grammys are going to start. During this interview Adele speaks about her recovery and what it was like not being able to talk for the two months. Adele will also be performing on 60 minutes for the first time in two months. Adele says she is quite confident in her voice and I wonder just how great she is going to sound now.

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