Kim and Kris Humphries’ Marriage a Fraud

Kim and Kris Humphries’ Marriage a Fraud

Kim and Kris Humphries’ Marriage a Fraud

Kim Kardashian has been seen looking glum and depressed lately. Could this be because of the difficult divorce with Kris Humphries? A settlement was offered from Kim in order to have the divorce finalized quickly but Kris wants nothing to do with a quick settlement. Kris wants to get divorced because he believes the marriage was a fraud and that he and Kim married under false pretenses.

Settlement doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime soon. Kris wants the divorce to be granted under terms of fraud only and Kim doesn’t want anything to do with that idea. Kim believes the marriage was never a fraud and they weren’t married under false pretenses. She also believes the marriage just didn’t work out which is what happens with many marriages. The couple’s lawyers have been discussing settlement but Kris will not accept any other settlement terms.

Kris believes the marriage took place under fraudulent circumstances because of some mother and daughter discussions that were aired on the couple’s reality show. Kris feels that Kim only married him to increase the ratings of the show. This whole thing has become quite the mess.

One of Kim’s defenses is that if she had no intentions of staying married why would she have gone through the whole ordeal of having a long prenuptial agreement done. The media’s response to this is perhaps she had the prenuptial agreement done up because she knew it wasn’t going to last long. People say having a prenuptial agreement does not make it look like you much hope for the marriage to last right from the beginning.

Whether Kris or Kim is in the right here they both want to be away from each other but it seems like this isn’t going to happen for quite some time yet. At least not until they find some common ground to base their separation agreement on.

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