Finally! Ricki Lake Returns to Television

Finally Ricki Lake Returns to Television

Finally Ricki Lake Returns to Television

If you thought that she was gone forever, you will be amazed at what the throw back cat has just dragged in to its hub. The all time great talk show host and actress is back on the screen with a brand new show. This year, Ricki Lake hosts The Ricki Lake Show. The fabulous looking actress launched a new group for her soon to be aired television show. Since the last time she was in 13th season of the famous Dancing With The Stars show, the gorgeous television host has been on a long journey of keeping her body in fit shape.

Before opting to leave The Ricki Lake Show, the show was just awesome and was highly rated as a near perfect television talk show which used to be aired on daytime TV. That was back in the days where it was just an enough mess to cause a hot mess. It was a classic show that really had a difference among the other talk shows. With its expected come back, the show is expected to be hilarious and a big hit on the world of straight comedies. The show has a throwback of new dancers as well as Rainbow Right. Its actually a ho mess that you need to watch out for.

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