Shanna Widner Speaks of Past

Shanna Widner Speaks of Past

Shanna Widner Speaks of Past

In 1991, when Shanna Widner was just 14 years old, her mother was arrested, charged, and put in jail for trying to hire a hit man to kill her neighbor. She wanted to have her neighbor killed because Amber, the neighbours daughter, was accepted on the schools cheerleading squad and Shanna wasn’t.

Throughout the investigation and trial Shanna Widner continued attending the same school, even the same classes, as Amber. She would spend nights crying herself to sleep asking God why he was doing this to her family. I am sure Shanna doesn’t consider herself brave for attending the same and still going to all of her classes, even those with Amber, through the whole ordeal but many many people would certainly consider her brave. Kids can be very cruel and I’m sure Shanna had a lot to deal with in regards to her mother’s actions and I can only imagine what the kids at school had done or said to her during this time.

Wanda Holloway, Shanna’s mom, hired a hit man to kill her neighbor because she thought that by killing Amber’s mom Amber would be too distraught to remain on the cheerleading squad and this would give her daughter a place on the squad. Wanda was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison and was charged with Solicitation of Capital Murder but this charge was overturned soon after because a member on the jury neglected to disclose that he was on probation. Shanna’s mother would plead not guilty the second time instead of going through a second trial and was sentenced to 10 years but she only served 6 months before being released on probation and having to do 1,000 hours of community service.

Following the trial nothing more was heard about the case and the media settled down but the effects had already scarred Shanna and she still feels the effects today. For the first time in over two decades Shanna has spoken about her experiences through the whole ordeal in an interview with The People. The magazine featuring the interview in the February 10, 2011 edition.

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