50 Cent Visits Africa in Efforts to Fight Hunger

50-Cent Visits Africa in Efforts to Fight Hunger

50-Cent Visits Africa in Efforts to Fight Hunger

World Food Program has been honored to host the all time great rap music icon 50 Cent as he visits Africa to witness the organizations fight in eradicating hunger especially in the Horn of Africa. The rapper has been visiting Kenya and Somalia. This week, he flew to Somalia at Dolow which is a camp of sheltering children and women who are seeking refuge against conflicts and hunger in the region. While at the refugee centre, 50 Cent had a chance to see for himself children and women who are facing malnutrition being screened. He also visited nearby schools in Kabasa camp region.

The US based rapper commented on how devastating scene was. He said that the women had taken a great risk to come at the camp in Somalia and it was up to them to give them help. On the following day, he flew to Nairobi Slum area where he had a chance to meet with orphaned children in their schools. Jackson was thrilled on how meeting those children really inspired him. They simply had nothing to show off about yet they looked so optimistic and positive. Jackson said that he was doing his part of ensuring that they get education and food. He hoped that more people would join in his efforts of trying to end the devastating situation in Africa. Last year, he made a self commitment in public to provide about one billion meals to feed the hungry. To achieve this, he is donating money from the sale of Street King, which is a new energy drink being sold in US. Through this, he has been able to encourage children facing hunger and starvation to go back to the classrooms to get education.

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