Clara Hughes and Let’s Talk

Clara Hughes and Let’s Talk

Clara Hughes and Let’s Talk

Clara Hughes has so much going for her. She has won 6 Olympic medals to date and is one of only five Olympians to win medals in both the summer and winter Olympic games. With all this success, it is so hard to imagine that Clara suffered from depression.

Depression is a disease that one in 5 people will suffer at one time or another in their lives. It is a silent disease because a lot of people do not want to talk about it. Bell Canada came up with the Let’s Talk imitative to open the doors to depression in the hopes that people will start talking about it openly and honestly. Clara Hughes was chosen as a spokesperson and honestly, there could not be a better spokesperson than her.

It is hard to imagine that Clara Hughes suffered from depression but her opening up and telling the world her story, must have been a very difficult thing to do because there is a stigma with the disease of depression and other mental health issues. We have to learn that depression and mental health issues are real live issues and that there are real live human beings that suffer each and every day because of it.

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