Ellen DeGeneres is a Negative Message

Ellen DeGeneres is a Negative Message

Ellen DeGeneres is a Negative Message

JC Penny is currently receiving negative communications from an organization called One Million Moms. One Million Moms is an online organization that is looking to stop certain negative messages being sent to America’s children through various channels of media and entertainment. It is a very commendable purpose but they have gotten completely out of hand with the issues they have against JC Penny.

JC Penny announced on January 25 that they are partnering with Ellen DeGeneres in order to make their store even better for all people to shop at. One Million Moms has taken it upon themselves to harass JC Penny for partnering with Ellen DeGeneres which means they feel this partnership is sending a negative message to America’s Children.

I will be the first to admit that I do not see a connection here between their campaign purpose and JC Penney’s choice of partnership. The issue One Million Moms has stated to have is that Ellen DeGeneres is a homosexual. Ellen DeGeneres’ sexual preference is a well known fact and in this day and age it is not by any means considered a negative message. We are supposed to be teaching our children to care for one another, to support each other’s lifestyles, to not abuse people based on their sexual preferences so that when these children grow up they won’t damage society any further.

I could this being an issue even 10 years ago when people didn’t understand that two people of the same sex could be considered a family and can love each other and their children just like everybody else. Times have significantly changed in regards to this issue especially considering gay marriage is legal in a number of different States, Provinces and Countries. I feel so awful for Ellen DeGeneres and I really think that charges should be pressed against One Million Moms in regards to their sexist behavior.

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