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Ice-T’s wife, Coco, posted a picture of herself naked with her nephew laying beside her. There is no concern about the circumstances of the picture because they are family and her nephew is just a wee baby. However, it certainly stirred up a lot of controversy. Which is understandable but people need to realize that the nephew is just a wee baby and it looks as though Coco was sleeping or slowly falling asleep beside the baby.

Coco is a bikini model and I understand that people love attention and some people don’t care how they get it but I don’t understand is why someone would post a personal family picture of themselves on the internet when they are naked in the picture. Another question many viewers have is if Coco was going to sleep who took the picture and why it taken in the first place?

Seeing as it was Coco herself who posted the picture this does not seem to be any kind of scandal. I think we would all love to know the circumstances behind this photo and why it was ever posted in the first place. I also wonder how her husband feels about this and perhaps he was the individual who took the photo. If he wasn’t the one who took the photo there is going to be a lot of concerns from him about who took it as well. I wonder what he thinks about her posting the photo for all to see.

The photo was immediately removed by Coco just after it was posted on the internet but obviously it wasn’t removed fast enough because nearly every celebrity news website now has it posted on their website.

The picture has turned into one major controversy because of how accepting many of the women are being about the circumstances of the photo. Men are claiming that if it was a man laying naked with a child in a picture there would be a lot more people against it. I believe the men are right when they say this and I don’t think it would blown over so easily had it been a male laying with a child especially one that is their child whether the child was a family members or not.

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